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Are you passionate about structuring and shaping a website to create a perfect user flow? Do you celebrate Fri-yay every day you succeed in getting all the right elements in all the right places in a harmonious symphony of color?

In a nutshell

  • Are you a self-professed perfectionist with a critical eye? Are you able to spot when a shade is slightly off or when an element is misaligned by the merest fraction of a pixel? Are you results-driven with the end user in mind?
  • Do you play well with others? Are your designs the brush strokes that bring to life the code of our developers and the words of our content creatives in a perfect digital picture?
  • Are you as flexible as we are? Do you know how to switch your graphical gears to make a deadline or take back some steam?
  • Do you have an insatiable curiosity for new ways of working and emerging trends in the field? More importantly, are you brave enough to try them out and make a splash?
  • Have you got more than three years experience as a UX/UI designer in the digital sector?

Ready to become a Digitist?

Go ahead, hit that button and apply! We will get back to you in about two weeks to let you know whether we’d be a good fit.


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