Software Engineering Intern

Unit tests
Version control (Git)
Integration tests
CI CD build server
Time tracking
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Are you a student in software engineering and want to depart on an exciting journey together with a young and entrepreneurial team?

Together, we will help professionals make smarter decisions, discover business opportunities and stay ahead of business risks through the use of a smart, data-driven platform.

You will be tackling interesting challenges towards the launch of our Minimum Marketable Product (MMP). On the one hand, you will be working on developing, maintaining and scaling the data and software that are crucial for our Bizzy platform. On the other hand, you will help transform these data into awesome features for our mobile and web app.

You will be working in our gorgeous office in Gent, Belgium. We are located in the vibrant site of Dok-Noord, surrounded by other start-ups, restaurants, coffee bars, and most importantly by a lot of like-minded young people.


  • Gather, structure and maintain data from different sources
  • Build new awesome features for our mobile and web app
  • Bring product requirements to life
  • Prepare Bizzy for the launch of its Minimum Marketable Product (MMP)


  • Knowledge of React and React Native (or eagerness to learn)
  • Able to write clean Typescript code
  • Knowledge of NodeJS, GraphQL and MySQL
  • You are strong in solving problems
  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset
  • You are flexible and want to take responsibility
  • You are social, communicative, and like to work in a team

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