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  • Together with our domain architects and tribe experts, you will design an architecture for a complex system in the Belgian payroll world.
  • Together with a core team, you will help to identify and shape new tracks, execute experiments where necessary
  • To tackle your assignments, you use a collaborative approach.
  • Communication and common vision creation with the other architects, product managers, product owners and stakeholders is crucial. This vision allows you to define a multi-year roadmap.
  • Your knowledge and understanding of the business requirements and the SD Worx products allows you to identify the critical functional and technical trade-offs of the high level design and planning of alternative solutions. If you don’t have that knowledge, then you demonstrate you can acquire it.
  • You design alternatives, evaluate these, give your recommendation but are open to a transparent discussion. You coordinate architectural solutions across squads and resolve architectural differences and dependencies within the tribe. You actively make links across tribes if necessary.
  • You help the squads actively while implementing the architecture and enhance the agile engineering process and tools.
  • You participate in release preparation and planning to determine the necessary architectural improvements according to the architecture roadmap and current priorities in the Squads and adjacent backlogs.
  • You manage temporary solutions, deliberate deviations and technical debt at the tribe level.
  • You conform to the standards and practices of architecture, and escalate potential deviations to product managers and tribe lead.

You must not

  • Design detailed architectural solutions at the start – nor slide past critical, irreversible architecture decisions: balance and courage!
  • Evade decision-making.
  • Introduce needless creativity or complexity.
  • Reject proposed solutions without offering alternatives nor affirm a single solution without further consideration.


  • You have a positive approach when tackling problems.
  • You embrace the agile way of thinking.
  • You are seen as an expert across the functional and technical components of the user journeys, domain, products and integration relevant for the domain; or you demonstrate clearly you have the capability to become one.
  • You have up-to-date knowledge on software architecture & modern .net projects.
  • You are a solution-oriented enabler with needful creativity; an active listener and negotiator.
  • You are business aware.
  • You are a seasoned architect with precise abstraction techniques.
  • You have strong communication skills with ability to align on complex functional/technical trade-off decisions.
  • You understand the balance to innovate while using legacy applications as an enabler.
  • You have interest in HR- and/ or Payroll delivery or Services You have a sound knowledge of English and Dutch International collaboration is your natural habitat.

SD Worx offers you, besides a competitive salary and benefits package, the autonomy and flexibility to take ownership of your work. With the possibilities of flexible working hours, homework, working from other offices,… you can organize your own work.

For us, learning and innovating are like breathing, inspiring us to always go beyond. We offer multiple trainings, projects… where you will learn from experts or in practice. From the start you will be engaged in your team, where we share knowledge, talents and celebrate our differences.

From many places, we** work as one**, moving from better to best together.


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