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Excited by developping a new solution to track fraud and corruption ?

We propose an internship to an Angular Developer responsible for the client side of our product.

Your primary focus will be to implement a complete user interface with a focus on performance and usability. Your main duties will include creating modules and components and coupling them together into a functional app.

You will work in a team with back-end developers, data scientists and other front end developers, and you will communicate through API that you will contribute to define.

Our product is a risk management platform, which allows the user to navigate a very large amount of data on screen, in the form of tables and graphs; the most challenging task you will face will be dealing with such amount of data while keeping the user experience smooth and enjoyable.


  • Delivering a complete front end application
  • Ensuring high performance, usability and an awesome user experience
  • Writing tested, idiomatic, and documented JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Cooperating with the back-end developers in the process of building the RESTful API

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