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Transforming complex data by using algorithms and models to create client-oriented solutions. That is the core of your challenge! You'll actively contribute to the improvement of client solutions, business models, and operational processes by automatically translating data into reliable information, that is where you'll create an immediate impact. With your broad expertise, you'll know exactly what the client needs, often without them realizing it themselves.

Are you an experienced Data Scientist and are you passionate about developing algorithms and data models? Then we'd love to have a chat with you!

You want to

As Data Scientist at Brainjar you’re responsible for the development of algorithms and models that support clients with their decision-making processes, based on their own data. You’ll be gathering and selecting relevant data, and are responsible for the translation into information that will enable the client to reach operational excellence and improve and/or develop business models. Above all, you have no issues with handling large and complex data streams.

Your foundations

You have a minimum of 3 years fulltime experience as a Data Scientist.

When they’re talking about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence or Predictive Modelling you’re eager to mingle yourself in the conversation.

Python, Spark and Hadoop have no secrets for you.

You have experience with Deep Learning Frameworks, such as: Tensorflow, PyTorch.

You have database experience in production environments on a large scale.

You’re eager to learn and are willing to deepen your knowledge depending on the sector of the project you’re working on.

We offer

At Brainjar you’ll be part of a team of other Data Scientists where you’ll be consulting (by yourself or with other colleagues) on one or multiple state-of-the-art data science projects. You’ll have variety in your day-to-day tasks, and will be able to continuously learn new skills and tools doing these projects. Furthermore, in collaboration with your colleagues, you’ll be able to learn from others, share knowledge, challenge one another and contribute to the growth of the Data Science team at Brainjar.

At Brainjar it’s quite obvious that we are passionate about what we do, so when you join us you can expect to:

Be part of a strong team of Data Scientists, Fullstack Developers, and AI Engineers.

Join a dynamic and entrepreneurial environment. Do you have beyond-the-box innovative ideas and feel like experimenting? We’re all ears!

Enter a company culture based in a start-up environment, therefore feedback lies at the base of growth: you’ll be open to change based on the feedback you receive from peers and clients, and in return are able to provide your own feedback to colleagues in a respectful and constructive manner.

Get the opportunity to collaborate on various exciting projects and create a direct impact with your data expertise.

Continue and be fascinated by innovation and strive to stay up-to-date with the newest tools and technologies. You’ll also get the opportunity to continuously improve your skills based on relevant educational trajectories.

Obviously: get an interesting salary package, and everything else you need to do an amazing job!


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